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Step 1 – Add your boxes

*On occasion, we may have to substitute items to the same value due to stock availability.

Salmon en Papillote Dine in box for 2

2 x Salmon Fillets

1kg Baby Potatoes

1 Mascarpone Cheese

250g Leeks

1 Broccoli

50g Dill

1 Lemon

1 Garlic Bulb

1 Recipe Card

Summer BBQ Box

1 x BBQ Meat Pack includes:

4 x 40z Steak and Pepper Rump Steak

4 x 40z BBQ Pork Steak

4 x Chinese Chicken Oyster thighs

4 x 60z Rump Burgers

4 x Thick Old English Sausage

White Barms x 6

110g Salad Leaves

Corn on the Cob x 2

1 Halloumi

1 Red Pepper

1 Beef tomato

1 Red Onion

1 cucumber


Cod Fillet Dine in Box (for 2)

2 x Cod Fillet (165g – 200g)

1 x Asparagus bunch

1 x Broccoli head

1k Mids

1 x Lemon

100g Chive

500g Shallots

Hollandaise Sauce

Healthy Breakfast Box

Porridge Oats (1kg)

Blueberry (125g)

Raspberry (125g)

Squeezy Honey (340g)

Banana (x4)

Milk Semi Skimmed Pint

Homemade Cocktail Box

A combination of fresh fruit, herbs and puree for homemade cocktail makers.

Mint 100g

Passionfruit (x2)

Lime (x2)

Lemon (x2)



Pink Grapefruit

Peach Puree 1kg

Frozen Summer Berries 1kg

Lamb Rump Dine in Box (For 2)

2 x 8oz Lamb Rump

Lamb & Port Gravy

1 Garlic Bulb

1KG Potato

250g Kale

500g Carrot

500g Parsnip

Salmon Fillet Dine in Box (for 2)

2 x Salmon Fillet (165g – 200g)

1 x Asparagus bunch

1 x Broccoli head

1k Mids

1 x Lemon

100g Chive

500g Shallots

Hollandaise Sauce




Smoked Haddock Fillet Dine in Box (for 2)

2 x Smoked Haddock Fillet (165g – 200g)

1 x Asparagus bunch

1 x Broccoli head

1k Mids

1 x Lemon

100g Chive

500g Shallots

Hollandaise Sauce

Steak Dinner Dine in Box (for 2)

2 x 8oz Sirloin Steak

500g Fresh Hand Cut Chips

250g Cherry Tomatoes

125g Baby Corn

200g Mange Tout

320g Taylors Pepper Corn Sauce

2 x Breakfast Mushroom

Family Veg Box

Carrot 1kg
Parsnip 1kg
Maris Piper 5kg
Onions (x3)
Tomato 1kg
Mushrooms 500g
Cherry Tomato
Savoy Cabbage
Eggs (x6)
Leek (x2)
Kale 250g
Butternut Squash

Individual Fruit & Veg Box

500g Carrot
6 x Eggs
1 x Onion
500g Tomatoes
1kg baby potatoes
1 Swede
500g Parsnips
250g Mushroom
3 x Red Apple
3 x Green Apple
4 x Banana
4x Satsuma


Step 2 – Add your extras


Heinz Numbretti Pasta Shapes 200g £0.00
Plain Flour-1kg BB END FEB £0.00


Fresh Cod Loin - 140-165g - (small)£3.00
Fresh Cod Loin - 165-200g (large)£3.60
Fresh Hake Fillet 140g-165g (small)£3.00
Fresh Hake Fillet 165g-200g (large)£3.60
Fresh Salmon Fillet - 140-165g (small)£2.75
Fresh Salmon fillet 165-200g (large)£3.35
Fresh Sea Bass Fillet x 2 (small)£5.00
Fresh Smoked Haddock 140-165g (small)£3.00
Fresh Smoked Haddock 165-200g (large)£3.60
Tuna Chunks in Brine 185g£1.39
Select Fresh Fish Box
  •  2 x 160g Fresh Salmon
  • 2 x 160g Fresh Cod Loin
  • 2 x 160g Fresh Smoked Haddock
  • 2 x 140g Fresh Sea Bass Fillets
  • 2 x 160g Fresh Hake Loin


Peaches x 3£1.75
6 x Granny Smith's Apple£1.25
Galia Melon£2.40
Passion Fruit (x3)£1.50
6 x Banana£1.60
6 x Kiwi Fruit£2.00
6 x Lemon£2.00
6 x Limes£1.80
6 x Mixed Apples£1.25
6 x Golden Delicious Apple£1.25
6 x Red Apple£1.25
6 x Oranges£2.20
6 x Pears£2.00
6 x Plums£2.10
6 x Satsuma£1.95
Green Grapes 500g£2.00
Black Grapes 500g£1.90
Honeydew Melon£2.20
Raspberry 150g£2.20
Blueberry 150g£2.25
Strawberry 400g (New Season English)£2.50
1 x Hass Avocado£1.40


Babycorn Punnet£1.30
Raw Beetroot - 500g£0.45
Shallots Banana (500g)£1.00
Red Cabbage£1.50
White Cabbage£0.66
Broccoli Head£1.50
Tenderstem Broccoli 500g£4.20
Kale x 250g£1.20
French Beans x 150g£1.10
Mangetout 200g£1.50
1kg Courgette£3.50
Red Onion 1kg bag£1.00
Chillies 200g£1.50
White Onion 1kg bag£1.00
English Asparagus-250g£3.50
Carrot 1kg£0.65
Cup Mushroom 250g£0.60
Exotic Mix Mushroom 150g£2.50
Leek (around 400g)£1.00
Maris Piper Potato 5kg£1.50
Washed Potato 2kg£1.65
Baby Potato 2.5kg£2.50
Baking Potato x 4£1.20
Sweet Potato£1.10
Parsnip 1kg£1.75
Savoy Cabbage£1.10
Spring Cabbage£0.90
3 x Garlic bulbs£1.25
Lemon Grass Bunch£1.30
Fresh Ginger 100g (Approx)£0.95

Ready Prepared

Peeled Potatoes (1kg)£1.50
Quarter Cut Potatoes (1kg)£1.50
Whole Peeled Carrot (1kg)£2.00
Diced Carrot & Swede (1kg)£2.00
Mix Veg 12mm (1kg)£2.00
Sliced Mushroom (1kg)£3.50
Stir Fry Mix (1kg)£3.00
2 x Corn on the Cob (Pre-cooked)£1.95
Cooked Beetroot 250g£0.85


Green Pepper£0.78
Pak Choi£1.00
Red Pepper£0.78
Yellow Pepper£0.78
Radish - 125g£0.65
Lollo Biondi Lettuce£1.70
Lollo Rosso Lettuce£1.70
Peashoot Tendril£1.50
Baby Leaf Spinach 250g£1.30
Cherry Tomato 250g£0.90
Round Tomato 1kg£1.80
Beef Tomato£0.80
Iceberg Lettuce£1.30
Cos Lettuce£1.70
Little Gem Lettuce Twinpack£1.00
Leafy Prepared Salad Mix110g£1.25
Salad Cress£0.08
Rocket 100g£1.30
Spring Onion£0.70


Naan x 3 (plain)£0.99
Pitta Bread ( white ) x 6£0.89
Tortilla Wrap x10 (10")£1.99
Thick White Loaf£1.20
Thick Wholemeal Loaf£1.30
Bloomer Sliced White£2.15
6 x Large Barmcakes£1.40
12 x White Sliced Baps£1.75
12 x White Finger Rolls£1.36
Bloomer Sliced Malted£2.15
4x Teacakes£1.05
6 x Crumpets£0.99


Mature White Cheese (200g)£1.75
Mild White Cheddar Block (200g)£1.65
Red Leicester Cheese (200g)£1.75
Semi Skimmed Milk Portions (200)£4.60
Halloumi Block 200g£2.50
Salted Butter 250g£1.60
Soya Milk 1L (Alpro)£1.89
Unsalted Butter 250g£1.60
2 litre Skimmed Milk£1.20
2 Litre Semi-Skimmed Milk£1.20
2 Litre Whole Milk£1.20
Double Cream 568ml

Tray of Eggs (30)£3.20
Box of Eggs (6)£0.90
Low Fat Yogurts (12 x 125ml)£4.20
Thick & Creamy Yogurts (12 x 125ml)£4.65
Mature Cheddar Slices (50 pack)£6.50
Grated Cheddar-1kg£6.95
Margarine Tub (2kg)£2.75


Chopped Tomatoes 400g£0.70
Egg Noodles 500g£1.65
Sweet Pickle Jar 370g£1.40
Tortilla Chips Salted (500g big bag)£2.00
Salt & Pepper Seasoning 250g£3.45
Caster Sugar 2kg£2.20
Custard Ready Serve 1L£1.85
Heinz Ketchup 342g (Glass Bottle)£1.93
Jacobs Biscuits For Cheese 900g£7.00
Porridge Oats 1kg£1.60
Yallo Habanero Chilli-Infused Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil-250ml

Digestive Biscuit 300g£1.57
Baked Beans 400g£0.70
Heinz Numbretti Pasta Shapes 200g £0.00
Tinned Sweetcorn 340g£1.10
Basmati Rice 1.5kg£5.50
Conchiglie 400g£1.00
Fusilli 400g£1.00
Penne 400g£1.00
Fusilli or Penne Pasta (3kg)£5.50
Spaghetti 400g£1.00
Lyons Gold Roast Freeze Dried Coffee 90g£2.50
Case of Apple Juice (27 x 150ml)£8.90
Apple Juice (1 Litre)£1.00
Case of Orange Juice (27 x 150ml)£8.00
Orange Juice (1 Litre)£1.00
Case of Still Water (24 x 500ml)£4.50
Granulated Sugar (1kg)£1.05
Plain Flour-1kg BB END FEB £0.00
Self Raising Flour -1kg£1.10
Blue Centre-Feed Roll£1.50


Beef Joint ( 1 - 1.25 Kilo )£11.75
Gammon Joint (1 - 1.25 Kilo )£8.75
Lamb Shank X2 (450 - 500g each )£12.50
Lambs Liver 500g£2.50
Beef Joint - 4 - 5 Kilo£47.50
Beef Joint -2 - 2.5 Kilo£23.95
Diced Stew Steak£5.00
Gammon Joint - 2 - 2.5 Kilo£17.50
Gammon Joint - 4 - 5 Kilo£33.95
Gammon Steak x 2£3.99
Half Turkey Breast with Bacon, 2 - 2.5Kilo£17.95
Leg Of Lamb (Boned and Rolled) 2 - 2.5 kilo£32.95
Pork Loin Joint (1 - 1.25 kilo)£7.25
Pork Loin Joint - 4 - 5 Kilo£28.50
Pork Loin Joint, 2 - 2.5 Kilo£14.50
Steak Mince 500g£4.10
2 x 8oz Fillet Steak£18.00
2 x 8oz Ribeye Steak£10.00
2 x 8oz Rump Steak£9.00
2 x 8oz Sirloin Steak£10.00
Diced Chicken Breast-500g£4.10
2 x 8ox Pork Steak£4.10
Individual Meat Pack
  • 4 x Sausages
  • 2 x Chicken Breasts
  • Steak Mince 250g
  • Stewing Streak 250g
  •  6 x Back Bacon
Family Meat Pack
  • Pork Sausage 500g
  • 4 x 6oz Rump Steakburgers
  • 4 x Chicken Fillets
  • Steak Mince 500g
  • Back Bacon 500g
  • 4 x 8oz Pork Steak
  • Diced Stewing Steak 500g
  • 4 x 8oz Gammon Steak
Steak Pack
  • 2 x 8oz Prime Fillet
  • 2 x 8oz Sirloin
  • 2 x 8oz Rump
  • 2 x 8oz Rib Eye
BBQ Pack
  • 4 x 4oz Steak and Pepper Rump Steaks
  • 4 x 4oz BBQ Pork Steaks
  • 4 x Chinese Chicken Oyster Thighs
  • 4 x 6oz Rump Steakburgers
  • 4 x Old English Sausages (thick)
3 x Chicken Breast Fillets£4.45
6 x 6oz (170g) Prime Rump Burgers£8.10
6 x Thick Old English Sausages£3.35
Bacon Pack (2kg)£12.00
Sliced Ham (500g)£5.00

Step 3 – Checkout

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